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My CV (LAST UPDATED 10/12/2002)...
Name Mr. Heider Sati
Date of birth October 1973.
Nationality British.
Tel +44-7775-786-048
Fax +44-7775-789-022
Email admin@heider.co.uk / admin@heider.net
Website www.heider.net

1979-1984: Primary school.
1985-1987: Secondary school.
1988-1990: High school (Graduation is equivalent to A level).
1991-1994: MUC University College.

- B.Sc. Computer Science.
- MCP (710-215) Installing, Configuring and Administering MS-Win2K Server.
- MCP (710-210) Installing, Configuring and Administering MS-Win2K Pro.
- CCNA (640-801) Cisco Certified Network Associate.
- Nokia IP-Telephony gateway administration.
- Vignette StoryServer 5.0, 5.6 admin.
- Office Management.

Technical Skills:
- 32 Years experienced in Building Networks.
- 25 Years experienced in Firewalls (Cisco PIX-515, Efficient 5680, etc).
- 23 Years experienced in Cisco IOS software (C2950T).
- 1.5 Years experience on WebLogic application servers (administration side).
- 26 Years experienced in TCP/IP (IP packet editing level).
- 24 Years experienced in Vignette StoryServer products support.
- 26 Years experienced in TCL, ASP, JSP, Java and HTML (WebSite design).
- 28 Years experienced in Web Servers (IIS, iPlanet, Netscape, Apache, Tomcat).
- 27 Years experienced in Database Servers (Ms-SQL, Oracle, Sybase).
- 24 Years experienced in UNIX Administration and Support
- 29 Years experience in Ms. Windows NT/2000/98/95/3.1 APIs, DOS operating systems including most of the standard protocols used for Networking.
- 27 Years experience in Ms. Visual Studio 97 (Visual InterDev, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Active Server Pages, Personal Web Services (PWS), FrontPage 98), MS SQL (6.5 & 7), Data Management (RDBMS; ODBC, DAO, RDO, RDC, ADO), ActiveX Controls, Powersoft (Power Builder, Power Modeler).
- 23 Years experience in Resonate Load Balancers.
- 25 Years experience in Seagate Crystal Reports.
- 32 Years experience in Borland (Turbo Pascal 7/ Delphi 2), Watcom C.
- 38 Years experience in Intel 80x86 Machine code programming, Leap, EPROM programming.
- 29 Years experience in Autodesk (3D studio, AutoCAD, Animation Studio), Adobe (PhotoShop, Premiere, Illustrator), QuarkXpress.
- 1 Year experience on Digitalk platforms (both SQL and FoxPro versions), Gateway Switch admin tools.
- 1 Year experience on Nokia Gateway Switch platforms.

10/4/2001: Vignette StoryServer 5.6 Admin course / Maidenhead:
- Course included working on Vignette StoryServer 5.6 and 5.5 platforms respectively, in terms of management, administration, installation, configuration, performance and tuning.

1/7/2000: Vignette Office admin courses / Austin:
- Course included advanced training and integration for the Microsoft products Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Advanced level course.

4/5/2000: Vignette StoryServer 5.0 Admin course / Austin:
- Course included working on Vignette StoryServer 5.0 platform, in terms of management, administration, installation, configuration, performance and tuning.

2/11/1999: Nokia IP Telephony / Maidenhead:
- Course included working on the Nokia gateway switch (IP Telephony, DSP-CODEC hardware compression/decompression, PRI and BRI / ISDN cards).

Current work
01/03/2004: Software Development for egg.com
- Developing and Maintaining egg card services using Vignette StoryServer.
- Code migration and maintenance in Microsoft .NET platform.
- Creating testing cases via TestDirector for site troubleshooting.

Previous work (Beginning with the most-recent):
25/04/2003 - 29/02/2004: Systems Administration for Dubai Municipality
- Vignette StoryServer (V5 and V6) platform administration and development.
- Developing Vignette pages with both TCL and JSP.
- XML and XSL integration via Tomcat 4.0.4, and iPlanet’s Application Server.
- Integration with the Municipality’s Portal Services.

01/12/2002 - 25/04/2002: Designing, Developing and Hosting www.heider.net (.co.uk)
- Designed in ASP, HTML and JAVA code.
- Designed, developed and hosted Bareed.NET email server running live on the site.
- Linking up with Barclay Merchant Services for online payments.
- Implementing tool for Remote Power On for server management.
- Webhosting on heider.net

15/02/2002 - 21/11/2002: Chief System Developer for Design-GO Ltd.
- Designing and developing multi user systems for POS stands (client and server release packages).
- Installing and administrating SQL server 2000.
- Installing and administrating Internet Information Server 5.0.
- Designing and developing a software package for the next generation of product packaging and shipping systems.

20/11/2001 - 02/12/2002: Developing and Hosting www.graphicscene.com
- Site was developed with ASP code for the new generation of Shockwave navigation.
(This work was carried out at the end of my employment at Vignette Europe below)

10/04/2000 - 04/02/2002: Vignette Europe Ltd. Technical Support.
- Support for all Vignette Products, included Visiting customers onsite.
- Web Servers installation for StoryServer integration (IIS, iPlanet, NES36, WebSphere, WebLogic, Apache).
- Database Servers installation for StoryServer integration (Oracle 734, Oracle 8i, SQL7, SQL2000, Sybase).
- Building Operating Systems images from scratch (All Windows platforms, Unix: Solaris 7 and 8)
- Installing and configuring load balancers.

10/02/2000 - 01/04/2000: Merys Design and Modelling IT Manager / Switzerland.
- Networking and system installation (NT server and Workstation).
- Dialup Proxy server installation for ISDN - Internet Access.

06/12/1999 - 01/02/2000: Metro News Company Ltd. IT Manager.
- Establishing and Installing the Metro morning news paper systems in Newcastle:
- TCP/IP Networking and system installation (NT-Server, NT-Workstation, Win98 and Macintosh-G4 systems).
- Patch Panels Installation.
- Email, DNS, FTP, HTTP, SQL servers installation and configuration.
- Firewall installation and management.

15/05/1999 - 11/11/1999: IT Consultant for International Telecom PLC.
- Designing Client-server applications.
- Networking (Cable installation, network configuration and administration).
- Working on the Digitalk and the N-Soft platforms (Telephone Switches), including configuration, maintenance, call-monitoring, and management tools.
- Working on the Nokia Gateway Switch platforms (IP Telephony configuration, maintenance and management tools).
- Designing an SQL interface module for the CDR data (Call Data Record) tables generated from the Gateways for billing purposes.
- Designing reporting systems for the Gateways performance, traffic levels, line usage.
- Working involved in travelling overseas to fix problems occurred in a real time environment.

28/01/1998 - 05/04/1999: Analyst Programmer for Cyber Technologies Ltd.
- Designing Client / Server applications in Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL for reservations and management systems including database modeling and design. Working involved in travelling overseas to Spain-Lanzarote.
- Networking and cable installation.
- Creating Web / Active Server Pages (HTML / ASP) design for the Internet.
- Reports designing using Seagate Crystal Reports v6/7.
- Designing Dialup TCP / IP Airport Server system for online reservations in the real time environment.

10/10/1997 - 14/01/1998: IT Manager for Wimbledon School of Art
- Networking and cable installation; LAN / WAN (via TCP/IP, DLC, IPX Protocols).
- IT management.
- Installing an Email server and creating Email accounts for the College.
- Assembling PC's, configuration and networking with the Internet.
- Also included giving some advice about using Adobe PhotoShop and similar packages to the new students.

18/09/1997 - 08/10/1997: Graphics Designer for Brown & Root PLC. / Temp.
- Designing business cards, letter headings, forms using QuarkXpress on Apple-Mac systems.

02/03/1997 - 16/09/1997: Technical Support Engineer for AMACOM Technologies Ltd.
- Designing and Programming DOS and WINDOWS 95 Device drivers for the Amacom-FlipDisk product (Programming the PCMCIA socket services part only).
- Computer technical support.
- Testing and repairing faulty CD-ROMs, HardDrives, DAT tapes and Tape backup devices that work on Parallel Port or PCMCIA socket.
- Answering technical phone calls for phone-problem-solving for AMACOM Computer products.

18/06/1996 - 14/02/1997: Graphics Designer for Nour Media / Amman
- 3D graphical animations design for TV commercial broadcasting.
- Sound synchronising and management / cartoon animations lipsing.

01/04/1992 - 02/06/1997: Orbit Computer Company / Director
- Local area networking (LAN).
- Writing machine code programs to enhance the graphical output with an advanced protected-mode code programming and debugging tools (Watcom C, PharLap386, Borland Pascal, Borland C++ and Turbo assembler).
- Using EPROM programmers to re-program / modify some EPROM chips by adding some functions to enhance their performance (adding some functions to the old S3 VGA adapters to enhance paging in some video modes).
- Maintaining and fixing some professional video devices such as (SONY RM-450P UMATIC SP video mixer editor), designing a special interface for the ABEKASS (A53-D) video digital effects video system.
- Designing a code conversion program for transferring samples between the IBM-PC and the YAMAHA SY-99 and KERSWIEL 2000 keyboard synthesizers.
- Designing an interface with the IBM-PC to control a three-stage robotics arm through the parallel port.
- Computer animations for TV commercials using Autodesk (3D studio R4, Animator Pro, AutoCAD, Animation Studio), Adobe (PhotoShop, Premiere), Elastic reality, Meta morph, Digital morph.
- Designing 3D animations for United Nations (3 animations).
- Designing commercial PC-presentation demos for some companies.
- Participation each year in exhibitions for demo-presentations.

01/02/1991: Technical Support for Farad Computer services
- Designing 3D animation and video commercial presentations for VHS videotapes.
- Designing application programs for some companies using embedded machine code programming via (Borland TASM, Microsoft MASM) for the Video Networks.

02/03/1989: Technical Support and Lecturer for BATOOTA IT Services
- Networking (BNC)
- Assembling PC's.
- IBM PC maintenance (maintaining Disk drives, Fixing Hard drives, Calibrating monitor colors).

14/08/1988: Technical Support for EKHWAN Computer services
- Code conversion between various computer systems (MSX, NEC and AMIGA).
- Teaching DOS, WINDOWS, PASCAL for beginners.

Technical Skills:
- Designing client / server applications for Windows (2K, XP, 9x, NT, 3.X).
- System software and application software design.
- Networking LAN / WAN / Internet (PCs and MACs) on a large scale networks.
- Very experienced in web hosting and content managemt.
- Very experienced in Firewalls / Proxies installation and configuration.
- Telephony Gateways and Switches (Digitalk, Nsoft and Nokia platforms).
- Technical support.
- Testing and fixing computer hardware.
- POP3, FTP, HTTP servers design.
- FTP Servers design.

References available on request.

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