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This site was developed and hosted by myself to offer services and information that might help you if you where an individual or a corporate user in your work, I hope that you like it.

Almost all the information on this site are experiences and work I had while designing some projects, working or studying something. The site will be updated all the time with new information that I might come across in future, so if you would like to keep visiting, you would probably find new information updated here all the time.

I had the idea of designing my site for a long time ago, although I designed few sites before, or hosted them, unfortunately I had no time to do mine!. Now, after I left my previous job (HuH!), I have decided to give it a go, as this is now my new project that must be done...

If you have any suggestions, ideas, questions, or would like to contact me for more information, you are most welcome, my information is on the "Contact" page. Please bare in mind that due to the amount of Emails I am getting now, I might not be that quick in replying, but I will try to do my best to keep in touch with you...

Thanks for your time,
Heider Sati.


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