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  During my previous history, I have been designing all types of software products, using different languages.
I started software development more than 12 years ago, My first projects began with the simple Basic on Z80 machines, then, I started to go a little bit further by going to the machine code level of these systems.

My first experiment was on the Warkaa NEC-6001, it was a very nice system that time, 64K RAM, I still have most of it's system area memorized until now... Since then, I have been working on all sorts of processors, starting with the Z80, IBM-XT (8086 and 8088), Intel Pentiums, and the old days of Motorola 680020...

Today, I design software packages using all types of languages, VB, C++, ASM, PASCAL / DELPHI, WATCOM C, etc. I have been designing software packages for all different customers, it's fun, and I believe I have a very good reputation for what I have developed during the past 10 years.

Software development extended my view to begin working with databases and db-servers as well, such as SQL, Oracle and Sybase, I was involved in designing a lot of database packages such as the IVC management system in Spain working with a team of software developers.

Doing a lot of network projects involved me in learning the IP communication layer in which how the data travels and Internet protocols in terms of IP packet-editing and filtering. I have designed a lot of products in that range and they will be available soon on my site, these products includes FTP, Email and DNS Servers as well as clients, at this moment, they are just being tested for quality assurance, and will be released under my site soon.

So, if you do have a plan about designing a software package for your needs, then please Email me with your requirements / plans, and I will be happy to look in it.

I also support any products I develop, If you have any problems with any of my products, then please Login to my site and then goto Support to log a query request for your issue to look into it.

Please also note that due to the amount of workload that I have at the moment, there might be some time until I can get back to you with the answer that you need.
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As you can see from the list above, the price of the custom software design is not shown as it can vary depending on your business requirements and needs, However, please Email me for a quote with a full description of your requirements.
After agreeing on a price for installation, then after logging in and refreshing this page you should see the item price changed for what's agreed with you. Please note that any agreed price is for you and you only.
Please note that when you purchase any product from the list above, you will have a free technical support for that product, which can be found under the support menu.

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