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As your business grows, you might need to put your business on the Internet, in this case, you might consider having a nice custom web site that expose your ideas or business to public.

Here at Heider.net we do quite a lot of Web Design, Domain hosting, Website administration and other services to make it easier for you to do business. I have made quite a few number of customers that are happy now having their web sites developed by myself. Customers like graphicscene.com and eyeblinder.com had their websites developed by myself, other sites like russianwolf.com are just being hosted by me.

Heider.net offer's different kinds of Domain Hosting, depending on your application, you might need a very low bandwidth usage just for your website, or might need a dedicated server with a very fast connection (something like 100MBps pipe) for your application.

For an example, graphicscene.com is currently being hosted under a shared service that gives a total of 100MBps bandwidth and a dedicated SQL server with a special FTP access to do their website. While russianwolf.com is being hosted under a 1/4MBps bandwidth pipe as the site is most likely to be informational, and of course, it cost less.

All these services are hosted within 24x7 support, cooled systems, with state of the art UPS systems. Also, backup sites, and other solutions such as round-robin, load balancing and MUX services are all available to backup the site in case of any connection problems or any server upgrades.

Please note that there is no setup fee for any hosting option. All these products below are charged annually.

Here are the price list of the Products that available for Hosting below:

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Web Hosting (5MB Disk Space)
Domain Hosting (5 Emails + FTP + Web)
Virtual Hosting

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