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  PlanIT is a POS tool (Point Of Sales), a point of sale is a stand that hold some products, these products are received from the supplier who is responsible for these products.

Now, in either for the supplier to do a "best fit" to the stand, it requires a lot of thinking also, mistakes might happen easily when selling items to the retailer.

PlanIT was designed to help the suppliers to make the best fit on the fly, it's drag and drop functionality makes product placing as easy as finishing in no time!. You can choose or design your stand shape, choosing or adding your products, completing your design and then you can export your final design to a JPG file or a printer to send easily it to the retailer, with that you can also export the design elements to Microsoft Excell.

PlanIT comes in two different versions:

1. Network version, it requires SQL server 7, and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). You can use multiple clients to design and print planagrams.

2. Client version, it comtaines it's own custom database. This is single user license that you can take it anywhere you need, this is quite handy when you are demonstrating to clients.

Both version can communicate to each other, you can import and export planagrams, stands, customers between both versions to help you in your enterprise environment.

If you are interested in PlanIT, then please contact Mr. Glenn Rogers for more information about the product.
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