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This page is updated frequently as the site is changing with all the new ideas and thoughts.

1/8/2004 1:30:   The Mail-Admin feature has been fully coded, it took 2 days, ... it rocks !. Now, customers and retailers can manage their own Email Accounts
30/7/2004 22:1:   Added the ADMIN functionlity to the site, probably you will not see it unless given from the admin. Also, now when logging in or out, the pages refreshes the Top and Left headers accordingly.
29/4/2004 15:25:   Phew!... It's been quite a while since I worked on my server!, I have now corrected the WebMail reading problem where it could not read mail recently due to a variable length!
5/1/2004 6:23:   New fix was made to the WebMail plugin which affected the deleted messages operation.
10/3/2003 2:0:   Bareed Mail Server is now the core of heider.net, This is the new release after a non-sleeping work lasted for 3 days to re-write it with a multi-threaded functionality... I love it...
27/1/2003 10:10:   Added functionality to include attachments with Emails!, you can now send up to 512KB of files with your Mail. A lot of people where asking me about this, and there you go ... enjoy !
27/1/2003 9:3:   ENHANCEMENT: The Inbox now have new items added to it, Attachment indicator, and Message size, also the layout has been changed to look nicer.
27/1/2003 8:30:   BUGFIX: You can now right-click on the attachments and "save as" rather than clicking to open the MIME application assigned with it (Thanks to Ahmed Abdul Jabbar alshalchi@heider.net for reporting this problem!).
22/12/2002 9:40:   BUGFIX: After logging into the site, some features where disabled. Also, the Email functions has now changed, when you login, you should only type in your mailbox name. Also, the site should be much faster than before!
14/12/2002 16:40:   BUGFIX: Account inbox was not reporting the correct messages from the POP3 server, this has now been fixed, thanks to Ahmed Abdul Jabbar alshalchi@heider.net for reporting this!.
4/12/2002 21:31:   I have re-developed the backend structure of my site. You can now bookmark any page you like without problems, as the FRAMESET was giving me a hard time. I will document what I did so that others can find this information useful.
3/12/2002 16:20:   My Wake up on LAN tool is out now on my website, this utility is used to turn on PCs remotely!, I will document how to use it later...
3/12/2002 16:17:   Downloads section has now been implemented into the site.
3/12/2002 14:0:   Software products are now being tested, (Multi instance email server, DNS UDP lookup tool), will be available very shortly...
3/12/2002 13:5:   Software products has now been added to the Products list.
26/11/2002 20:30:   Added Technical RFCs under Support for technical reference.
26/11/2002 17:45:   Added The Agency to the websites that I have designed.
15/11/2002 5:58:   Payment server integration and file downloading structure complete.
13/11/2002 15:9:   Delivery and Shipping addresses has changed to include the County details and moving the State to be only used by customers from the United States.
13/11/2002 13:21:   User can now change their chatting nick name. (chatting will be available soon)
11/11/2002 17:7:   Support is now only available for customers who have purchased products or got a special support contract
11/11/2002 11:30:   BUGFIX: Support menu not updated after logging in with some browsers, Please press F5 to refresh the site as it's has now been fixed!.
10/11/2002 9:0:   Well, as you just saw... the site is quite new now, I hope you enjoy it...

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