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Networking nowadays has became a very essential part of any standard business, If you are a home user or a business firm, and you would like to have your place networked, then you've came to the right place.

Some customers would like to have the fastest network in their building, the speed could go up to 1000MBps, with this speed you would need a very good networking components that support this speed. With this type of networking, a lot of cabling, drilling, extra care might be required, making this option costy a little bit.

However, other customers wouldn't mind having a very cost-effective way of networking their environment, this could be via using a Wireless solution, the only bottle neck with this approach is that the speed cannot go further than 11MBps, (this could change for better in future). This option does not cost a lot to achieve, as long as you have the equipment connected, it would be just a matter of configuration.

Customers can have both options as well, only the configuration of this type have to be studied more carefully by the customer, in terms of where the main 'connected' equipment goes, and where the mobile equipment moves.

I also offer a range of Networking products such as Hubs, Cables, Switches, etc. These products are listed below:

Part Ref#
Product Description
£ (exc. VAT)
Home Network Installation
Business Network Installation
Cisco 2950T 24 Port Switch
Cisco PIX515 Firewall and VPN

As you can see from the list above, the price of Networking is not shown as these can vary depending on what your business requirements and setting, However, please Email me for a quote with a full description of your requirements.
After agreeing on a price for installation, then after logging in and refreshing this page you should see the item price changed for what's agreed and this price is available for you only.
Please also note that due to the Fraud situations that I had before, some of the Hardware products above cannot be sold without the Networking option (i.e. I need to be on your site to install these products).

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