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This site was designed to take the minimum bandwidth possible for customers who are using a slow connection to browse the internet. I have designed this site to put my ideas and thoughts publicly on the internet and also to offer online services that might help the user to see if there is any new technical information that might be quite useful.

The site is quite new, it would be nice to get your feedback to see what you think, also to know if there are any problems using anything on it, or any suggestions you might like to add. You can Email me for any kind of query or information.

You can also find more information about me on the "About" and "Contact" pages.

Basically, I have many fields that I worked on; Computers, Networking, Aerobics!, Audio, Video and Software Engineering, etc. in each one, I had made quite few customers, and almost all of them I had to be certified to extend my business for the future...
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my site, basically, you can always check What's New! for the latest updates...

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